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Health Benefits of Ormus Minerals Osmium  

Ormus is a monatomic element that is made from water and other substances. It is sometimes referred to as monoatomic gold, manna, white gold, Aum, micro-clusters or even M-state.  

Some researchers have also referred it as Philosopher’s stone because of its features that are very unique. Many philosophies and myths have developed a lot of stories and theories about the health benefits of Ormus Minerals Osmium.  

How to get Ormus into your life today

These elements have the same number of electrons and protons as their counterparts in the periodic table. They have a very interesting feature that enables them to change from one metal to another when placed in different temperatures.  

A group of scientists made the first observations of this element in the 1920s. These scientists observed that these elements could be extracted from air, plants, the sea, and stones.  

Studies have shown that these Ormus elements are mainly embedded into the DNA structure of animals and plants and these studies have shown that these elements play a very integral role in the skin of human skin, hair, blood, nails and brains among other body organs.  

More studies that are scientific are being undertaken to show the health benefits of Ormus Minerals Osmium.  

Studies have shown that there are more than 12 elements that are integrated in the formula of Ormus. They include gold, silver, iridium, ruthenium, cobalt and nickel copper among others. These individual metals play individual roles in the health of a human being.  

There are many discussions that are based on the health benefits of Ormus Mineral Osmium and here are some of these health benefits that have been studied by medical researchers.  

1.     The first health benefit of Ormus is that it enhances the functioning of the human immune system. This is indicated by the fact that this element acts superbly on the DNA of human beings in a bid to return the human body to its original state that is perfect.

Some studies have also shown that these elements can be used to counter the effects of Cancer and Aids in the modern medicine. This However, more studies should be done to find out how these elements boost the function of the human immune system.

2.     Some studies have also shown that Ormus can help the human body by increasing the rate of healing. These elements help in the healing of burns, cuts, bone fractures, sprains, and muscle tears.

This element of speeding up the healing process has been described by myths as magical. More studies should be done to explore more on how these elements help the human healing processes.

3. Some studies have also shown that Ormus elements can be used as boosters of strength in the human body. These elements are also thought to be very powerful power boosters in the bodies of athletes and weight-lifter and they can help improve the endurance levels in the human body. These minerals are not burned by any sport organizations because they are not hormonal: they are very natural.  

4. Some other medical studies have shown that these elements can help the intestinal tracts in human bodies to absorb food. This enables maximization of the food that is eaten by a person.  

5. Ormus elements also give the human body a condition that does not require the person to feed on large amounts of food. This can help a person get a well manageable weight that is healthy.  

6. Some studies have also shown that the Ormus elements-mostly gold-can be used as anti-aging supplements that are very natural. This is achieved because the m-gold elements can be used as a cell-rejuvenating element.  

7. Other health benefits of Ormus mineral Osmium include; pain relief from the joint pains, strengthening of human bones, the elements promote healthy cellular ph. balance, the elements improve vision, reduce muscle cramps, they repair body tissues that are damaged, the increase the number of electrolytes in the human body and nourishment of body cells among other benefits.  

Apart from the health benefits of Ormus, it should also be noted that ancient studies believed that this element helps in the nourishment of the human spirit. 

Looking at the health benefits of Ormus mineral osmium, we should all consume this element. Scientists have noted that this element has a very little amount of side effects in the human body.  

Ormus Minerals ORMUS Formulas

What are some of the reported benefits of taking ormus?

Ormus Minerals - Mental Benefits

  •  Clearer Thinking 
  •  Developed Intuition 
  •  Emotional Healing 
  •  Greater Clarity and Focus 
  •  Heightened Senses 
  •  Sense of Being Fully Present 
  •  Sense of Calm 
  •  Thought Manifestation 

Ormus Minerals - Physical Benefits

  • Aids Intestinal Tract  Absorption of Food Particles 
  • Body Cells' Generation of Hydroelectric Energy 
  • Body Cells' Hydration and Nourishment 
  • Body Cells' Regeneration and Communication 
  • Body Cells' Rejuvenation 
  • Improves Vision 
  • Increases Electrolytes 
  • Increases Energy 
  • Prevents Muscle Cramps 
  • Promotes Bone Strength 
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar 
  • Promotes Healthy Cellular PH Balance 
  • Promotes Healthy DNA & RNA 
  • Promotes Healthy Immune System Function

Lots of choices but a great place to start would be the Ormus C11 Gold Infusion ormus.

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One of the reason for all the choices is because everybody is different and some things resonate with some but not others. We have added different things to the ormus formulas to add more either energy or nutrition to enhance it.

And of course the White Gold Powder Ormus is available for those who prefer that.


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